Update (June 5, 2017 7:00 p.m. EST): After months and months of waiting, we finally know everything we could possibly know about the Jaclyn Hill Palette — hallelujah. Following several delays and teasers, Jaclyn Hill not only posted a picture of the inside of the palette she teamed up with Morphe on, she also announced its launch date on Instagram. Now, we know exactly what every single one of the 35 new shadows look like. Not to bring up the cake again, but the cake was right. (In case you forgot in the six months of anticipation, a cake company posted a picture of a cake that looked just like the palette. However, Hill denied that they were similar.) The Jaclyn Hill Palette is filled with a slew of warm-toned neutrals, as well as a cobalt blue and a teal.

You'll be able to shop the Jaclyn Hill Palette come June 21 on Morphe's website for $38.

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Update (January 21, 2017 10:00 a.m. EST): Our official confirmation is here. The cake was right. Morphe Brushes will be releasing the Jaclyn Hill Palette as Jaclyn Hill's biggest collab yet. Both the beauty vlogger and the California-based cosmetics company posted their own announcements on Instagram. Both shared a picture from the photo shoot that took place yesterday. (You can read more about it below.) Hill shared the story behind the making of the eye shadow palette on Snapchat last night. Just as she mentioned in an earlier tweet, she started working on it with Morphe back in February 2015, and the company gave her full creative control. The final product: an affordable palette with 35 brand-new, never-before-seen shadow shades. All are creamy, blendable, and smooth.

She also clarified what she meant by "biggest collab ever." In this statement, Hill was referring to the hard work and passion that went into making the palette. Some of the shades had to be resubmitted to the lab more than 30 times. Also, unlike her first Morphe palette collab, all of the colors are from scratch. (Before, she just picked her favorites from the company's selection.)

You can check out the brands' official Jaclyn Hill Palette announcements below. Needless to say, we can't wait to see the inside of this thing.

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ICYMI beauty vlogger and queen of Champagne Pop Jaclyn Hill is about to drop her biggest collab yet. Last week, she gave us a countdown for the The Jaclyn Hill Palette (now six weeks). In the past 24 hours alone, more details about who she is teaming up with and what the eye-shadow palette will actually entail have been revealed on several forms of social media.

Yesterday, a very unlikely source, a bakery — yes, a place that makes baked goods — based in San Fernando Valley, CA, called Delicious Bakery, posted a picture to their Instagram page with two major Jaclyn Hill Palette hints. The picture itself was of a huge cake in the shape of a 35-shade eye-shadow palette. The top part of the palette had Hill's signature on it. Delicious Bakery also tagged the California-based cosmetics company Morphe Brushes. (BTW, they just came out with some kickass liquid lipsticks.) The picture has since been deleted, and the account is now private.

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Hill, however, hasn't officially confirmed the Morphe Brushes news, but a similar palette appeared on her Snapchat story last night. During the promo shoot for the Jaclyn Hill Palette collab, Hill shared photos of her many glam looks, along with the inside cover of the palette. Just like the cake, it had her signature and the same wording: "This palette is dedicated to all my loving subscribers."

All of the balloons on set and the appearance of a Glow Kit led some of the beauty vlogger's fans to believe that she is collaborating with Anastasia Beverly Hills. TBH, I thought the same because the vibe reminded me of the Nicole Guerriero collab teaser.

Hill was sure to shoot down that rumor with a quick tweet. She's also nixed speculation of Smashbox and Huda Beauty (at least we are getting a highlighter palette from Huda Kattan soon) being possible brand partners—for now.




Luckily, she did say the palette will be affordable.


The most official confirmation we got yesterday was that, without a doubt, there will be on-trend red eye shadows included in the palette. That deserves all the praise hands emojis. Just look at how gorgeous she looked at the shoot wearing the upcoming shades.

Yup, we know that was a lot to take it, but someone had to do the deep dive, right? We will be sure to keep you updated on any new details that happen to rise in the next six weeks.

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